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Being one of the highest level certificate holders in the world and Turkey on ThetaHealing, and as an expert who worked as a translator and assistant for Vianna Stibal, I accompany you and guide you on your inner journey."

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Tatyana Çelebi
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What is Theta Healing?

Theta Healing is an alternative therapy method that utilizes the power of thought. It aims to cleanse negative beliefs, blockages, and obstacles in the subconscious mind by changing a person's thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Theta Healing uses Theta waves during relaxed states of mind and body, such as meditation or deep relaxation.

These waves are specific frequencies in the brain that access the subconscious and assist in removing negative beliefs and blockages. Theta Healing is accomplished by the practitioner working with the client during a meditation where the client answers specific questions. During this process, the practitioner identifies the client's blockages and negative beliefs and works to replace them with positive beliefs during the Theta wave frequency.

Theta Healing can be used for many areas such as health, relationships, career, and financial problems. However, if facing any health concerns, it is recommended to consult with a medical professional first. Theta Healing is a therapeutic method that aims to improve one's emotional and mental health and provides a completely natural approach.

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Transformed Ones with Theta Healing

Theta Healing is a unique therapy method that can have transformative effects on many people's lives. This technique serves various purposes for personal development and healing in many different areas.

ThetaHealing Yorumları

Kenan Çalışkan

Human Resources Specialist

Theta Healing, as a unique therapy method, has had a significant impact on my life. By using theta brainwaves for energy work, we were able to get rid of our negative thoughts and have a more positive perspective. In addition, this technique helped me discover my inner strength and become a happier person.

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Hanife Gül Parlak

Human Resources Specialist

It was one of the turning points in my life. During the seminar, I not only balanced the energy in my body, but also gained a whole new perspective on life. Now, I have more confidence in myself to let go of negative thoughts and make more positive changes in my life.

ThetaHealing Yorumları

Merve Nur Pınar

Social Media Manager

For me, Theta Healing has not only been a therapy method, but also an important tool for self-discovery and personal growth. What I learned during the seminar strengthened me both mentally and emotionally, and now I feel more peace and happiness.

ThetaHealing Yorumları

Ali Efe Özkan

Digital Marketing Specialist

"Attending the Theta Healing seminar was a turning point in my life. Through the techniques I learned in this seminar, I started to understand myself and the world on a deeper level. Discovering how energy frequencies and our thoughts affect our reality was a crucial step for me.

Tetyana Çelebi

"Theta Healing is a quick and powerful way to seek the key to inner healing, remove mental barriers, and make positive changes in your life."

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